Since the ambulances are emergency service vehicles they may be on vigorous duties and sometimes needs to move at high speeds or through difficult areas other than the roads. For doing such works a 4 wheel drive is very much essential for an ambulance. The better the efficiency of the vehicle, the better will be the outcome.

The 4×4 ambulances are 4 wheel drive ambulances. There will be 4 wheels in such vehicles and all the 4 wheels can be driven. In case of 4×2 ambulances, the vehicle will have a total of 4 wheels and among this 2 wheels can be driven. It may be of the back or front. Usually, in the case of 4×2 vehicles, the back wheels are the driven wheels. The Dazzle provides the best of 4×4 ambulances in UAE and also throughout the world.

In the case of 4 wheels drive ambulances, there are part-time four-wheel drive system and full – time four wheel drive system. The part-time 4 wheel drive ambulances the operation is optional and it works on demand. These kinds of ambulances are usually designed to engage specific situations like the hard or sticky surfaces when you need extra traction of the vehicles.

The full – time 4 wheel drive ambulances are the vehicles operated at all times on 4 wheels. It will also have the option of part-time 4 wheel drives which can be used on cement or pavements. The Dazzle ambulance manufacturers design and develop excellent quality and efficient ambulances of 4 wheel drive. The efficiency in the performance of the vehicles had made the Dazzle one of the best ambulance manufacturers in the world. The team Dazzle also converts the 2 wheel drive ambulances or vehicles into 4 wheel drive ambulances.

The other verities of the Dazzles 4×4 ambulances are the manual and automatic four-wheel drive ambulances, shift on the fly 4 wheel drive ambulances and also all-wheel drive ambulances. Each of the verities has its specifications on wheels. The dazzle vehicle manufacturers will manufacture and deliver ambulances of different types depending upon the needs of the customers. The dazzle also manufactures and converts armored vehicles or other special purpose vehicles other than ambulances. It also delivers different types of brand new cars. Every product delivered by the Dazzle vehicle manufacturers are quality assured and of high performance. This made the Dazzle to become one of the highly preferred vehicle trading companies in the world.

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