An Armored car is a necessary thing for people under threats. The reason why we should have an armored car is mainly that 80 – 90% of the terrorist attacks occur while the people are traveling. If you are traveling in a well-armed vehicle, it will help you to disarm the potential thieves or the terrorist attack and prevent the sudden attacks or injuring threats.

The Dazzle automobile conversion company is manufacturing armoring vehicles since past 4 years. And also has manufactured armored vehicles for government purposes, to celebrities and also to other high profile personalities to different parts of the world. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturers are one of the best among the armored vehicle manufacturers who can armor your vehicle at the best. 

The Dazzle’s armored vehicles are equipped with transparent bulletproof armor, run flat tires, smoke screens, fuel tank protection and also the floor protection is given. This will also vary according to the customer’s interests. We use the strongest ballistic materials for armoring the vehicles. We always try to keep it lightweight and also the vehicle will look very similar to its original look. We also do optional armoring as per the need of the clients. We use advanced ideas and technologies while armoring a vehicle.

The Dazzle automobile conversion company always believes that the most important thing is that we are able to support and apply the requirements of the clients while providing excellent safety vehicles all over the world. We also believe that it is our duty to educate our clients based on the proper usage and maintenance of their armored vehicles. So that it can be used with the full potential and better performance of the vehicle. This will enable you to easily run out of your enemy. 

We manufacture a wide array of armored vehicles, different types of ambulance, other special vehicles and brand new cars. When you are in need of bulletproof windows, run flat tires, other bulletproof car parts or any other parts; we can definitely accommodate your needs and process your vehicle as soon as possible. We are having experienced and especially skilled professionals who can deal with the armored vehicles.

With the increased need and demand of armored vehicles in the world, within the past few years, the Dazzle armored vehicle manufacturers had become the leading company in armored vehicle manufacturers. We promise you that, you will be served with efficient armored vehicles as much as possible. 


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