The Dazzle ambulance manufacturer achieved the name of leading ambulance manufacturer and supplier in UAE. This achievement was due to the commitment of the Dazzle to deliver ambulances of international standards and of unbeatable quality. The experienced and skilled professional team of the Dazzle ambulance manufacturing company has a special understanding of the health issues and the safety requirements for the patients and paramedics inside the ambulance.
The ambulance for sale of Dazzle ambulance manufacturers is at its best quality and meets international standards. This had made it popular among different countries in the world and is used in the developed countries also. All types of emergency life support vehicles are provided by Dazzle ambulance manufacturers. They include:

Basic life support ambulances – The basic life support ambulances are mainly used for transportation of non-emergency patients. Its main uses include a planned visit to the physician, routine general physical examination, for carrying out x – rays or other laboratory tests and for transportation of patients from hospitals to residence or nursing home or vice versa. These ambulances usually attend non-emergency cases. Thus they are not equipped with life support systems. These basic life support ambulances can be buses, vans or some other vehicles depending upon the choices.

Standard life support ambulances – This is actually an intermediate between basic and advanced life support ambulances. In such ambulances, there include primary measures after the emergency event and the patient had undergone clearing of the airway and proper blood circulation of the patient is ensured. The standard life support ambulances come with equipment next to basic life support ambulances.

Advanced life support ambulances – The advanced life support ambulances by the Dazzle is fully equipped with medical monitoring devices. Such ambulances require highly trained paramedics for monitoring the patient. It must include monitoring the vital signs, cardiac monitoring, drug and IV therapy, and oxygen. Depending upon your demands we offer technically advanced equipment in our ambulances. The Dazzle manufacturers offer best performing advanced life support ambulances for sale.
Depending upon the general features of the ambulances, the ambulances are of several sub-types namely type I, type II and type III ambulances. But each ambulance is modified according to the needs and interests of the customer. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturers also do the conversion of the vehicles. The buses, trucks or any other vehicle can be converted to ambulances, armored vehicles or any other special purpose vehicles depending upon the interests of the people. Each vehicle manufactured and delivered by the team Dazzle is quality and safety assured with high performance that fit the need of the vehicle. The Dazzle is now the leading ambulance manufacturer in UAE.

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