The Dazzle vehicle Conversion Company is offering a well featured type – II ambulances manufacturing and supplying throughout the world, especially to the African countries. The Dazzle ambulances are accepted in many countries and are now among the top-rated ambulances.

The type – II built ambulances of the Dazzle, is definitely offering various kinds of configurations and with lots of different features.

The Dazzle type – II ambulances are manufactured with a squad bench with sufficient room that can hold a Bariatric stretcher. It may also have the squad bench with the ‘Grab and Go’ shelving units. This will allow easy access for up to four adjustable shelves. Another configuration of these kinds of ambulances is, it allows for a safety seat that will allow the attendants to face them forward or the patient.

The useful and unique features offered by the Dazzle ambulance manufactures has made them one of the best among the leading ambulance manufacturing company in UAE. The Dazzle, provide low floor ambulances up to 22 inches and also the tallest headroom up to 73 inches. Unlike other vehicles, the ambulances are the vehicles which are used in certain critical periods and also it acts as the’ hospital on the road’ facility. Thus the traction of the ambulance must be enhanced with front wheel drive so that it can move easily in mud or snow as compared to the regular Rear Wheel Drive Units. The type – II ambulances are usually with a very high payload (depending on the configurations of the vehicle) and are also capable to keep the Bariatric.

Since being a long time in the field of vehicle conversion, the Dazzle has made many improvements in the type – II ambulances of the traditional type. Some of them include achieving a larger workspace, which provides a larger working space for the paramedics to give the pre-hospital care. The new kinds of configuration allow having better access to compartments and types of equipment while the people inside it are safely seated. Lowering the floor height of the ambulances will reduce the back strain from the loading and unloading of the patients. Since it is an ambulance the safety and hygiene are much important. The walls and shelves of the ambulances are made up of anti-microbial ABS plastics which will help in maintaining the sterilization. The ABS walls are flexible and thus they are less likely to cause injuries if the ambulance met with an event of a collision. The newer kinds of cab designs of dazzle ambulances will provide more and comfortable and functional space for the paramedics. Additional features according to the needs of the customers are also included.





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