Advanced life support ambulances are usually the emergency vehicles with all the advanced facilities. They are used to carry out the emergency situation. It acts as a moving hospital and it must include all the equipment that allows keeping the patient stable and can help the paramedics to deal with the emergency situation.

Ford F550 ambulance

The Ford F550 ambulance is one of the most popular models of the ambulance and widely sold ambulances by the Dazzle. It is available in both diesel and petrol.

The Ford F550 ambulances by the Dazzle ambulance manufacturers are available in all LHD and RHD configurations. We also manufacture armored Ford F550 ambulances for sale. Along with the complete setup of the advanced emergency vehicles, the vehicle is also given the configurations of armoring. Other than the ballistic safety measures of the vehicles, it is armored in all sense. It is a kind of ambulance which is mainly used in war prone areas and in the most hostile areas, where an advanced ambulance with armoring is required for the safety of the people.

Features of Ford f550 ambulance

The Ford F550 chassis is the most dependable and durable ambulance chassis. Different cab styles are available with this chassis depending upon the customer. The suspension and brake system of the Ford is again reinforced to increase the capability for supporting the additional weight of armoring of the vehicle.

Ambulance manufacturers in UAE

At the Dazzle vehicle conversion company, different chassis of vehicles are used for manufacturing ambulances. The choice is always of the customers and also according to the use of the vehicle. The Dazzle is a manufacturer of ambulances, armored vehicles and special purpose vehicles and brand new cars for sale. The excellent services offered by the Dazzle at affordable prices had made them one of the best vehicle conversion companies.

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