The name of Ford has been the main one in automobile engineering for more than a century. This is why the Dazzle vehicle conversion company has selected the base of Ford F55O for its cash in transit vehicle. The cash in transit vehicle of the Dazzle vehicle manufacturers has become one of the best armored vehicles in the world. It is widely accepted and used cash in transit vehicles in many parts of the world.

The place where you are may be a dangerous place. Your valuables may be a threat and there are many people who are looking to get any chance to take advantage of your valuables that are inside the moving vehicle. In such situations, cash in transit vehicle can help you a lot by protecting your valuables or cash on the move.

The Dazzle’s cash in transit Ford F550 very much resembles the original model. The slightly deviated vehicle converted by Dazzle is of high quality and safety ensured vehicle which is capable of transporting your valuables without injuring anyone or without damaging anything inside it.


The Dazzle vehicle manufacturers will add more power and efficiency to the vehicle. When the vehicle is having a cash load, the vehicle will exert an extra weight downwards the vehicle. This will make it use more fuel. With the Dazzle’s Ford F550 you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. According to the need you can choose extra power to the vehicle or extra efficiency to the vehicle so that it will help your difficult situation.


The Dazzle is always ready to give those extra upgrades to the vehicles as per the tastes of the customers during the vehicle conversion. The cash in transit Ford F550 vehicle by the Dazzle comes with high-security vehicles in the world. It comes with all levels of protection from 6+ BR level of armoring, bulletproof glasses, smart locking system, reinforced suspension and run-flat devices so that you can ensure that your cash is safe in the vehicle.


The Dazzle offers several other extra options with the vehicle as the political situation or the terrain may affect the safety of your valuables while transporting. The extra options given by Dazzle includes- giving lightweight armor, using heavy duty wheels, intercom systems and a driver controlled locking system. The high-quality services had made the Dazzle to be one of the best vehicle conversion companies in the world.

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