Ambulances of different types and varieties are available in the market. Each type of ambulances with different features. One has to select the suitable one for their uses. The Dazzle UAE manufactured ambulance vehicles are high in quality and low in budget. This made the Dazzle to become the best ambulance manufacturer. We manufacture ambulances with different chassis of the vehicle and converting it to the desired ambulance of its kind.

One such wonderful product of Dazzle is the GMC Savana ambulance. It is one of the most demanded kinds of ambulances and is sold throughout the world. Most commonly these are the best ambulances for sale in the Middle East, African countries, Asian countries and European countries.

On saying about the transmission and steering of the GMC Savana ambulance, it has heavy duty, 6 – speed automatic and is electronically controlled with overdrive. It has an internal transmission oil cooler and power recalculating ball. It also has a strong suspension and brake system. The vehicle is available in different dimensions.

The interior features of the Dazzle’s GMC Savana ambulance include driver and passenger airbags, dual air conditioning – in front driver area and in back patient area, vinyl seats, power steering, rear heater and cooler, ventilation that is roof mounted, power door locking system, illuminated entry parts and scuff plates and radio (AM/FM) with speakers. These features are generally given in the ambulances.

They are also given optional as per the requests of the customers. We always take the words of customers while manufacturing a vehicle and the vehicles manufactured by the Dazzle’s team of professionals will be of excellent quality. The vehicles converted will always keep international standards.

The GMC Savana ambulances are with certain external features like front fog and driving lamps, having ambulance light bars on the top of the ambulance, fuel lid openers and front or rear wiper on it. This ambulance has a super long wheelbase of 2570 mm and wheel rims in steel with 195R15 tires.

The ambulances have several other specifications that made it the best GMC Savana ambulances available in the world. Some of the specifications include the use of medical equipment like an intravenous feeding hook, infusion bottle holders for 2 bottles, oxygen therapy set, and oxygen cylinder, main stretcher and second stretcher, first aid box, suction apparatus, well mounted BP apparatus and a stethoscope. All these medical equipment is provided in standard ambulances.

Similarly, other specifications of electrical and light settings like an electric siren with amplifier and speaker with microphone, emergency blue, red and yellow LED bar on the top of the ambulances, roof ventilator with electric fan and much more. The construction of the patient compartment is done carefully by giving a separate medical cabinet.

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