The vehicles are converted into armored vehicles in such a way that the complete passenger compartment is well protected against any kinds of attack. The Dazzle vehicle conversion company will make your car secure without adding weight to it. The lightweight composite armor that can withstand fire attack from both handguns and submachine guns are used. Usually, there are two types of armor available for your vehicles, one is opaque and the other is transparent. Both of these function differently.

In case of transparent armor, it is made up of densely layered ballistic glass, it is then laminated to a resilient polycarbonate inner spall shell. The opaque armor is usually made up of lightweight spectra shield composite armor. Then, into this other extra specialized ballistic materials with extra hardened ballistic steel are added. Thus both are playing distinctive roles.

The team Dazzle can convert the vehicles in such a way that, its resemblance is looking identical to the original look of the vehicle which is converted. It is also done in such a way that, it looks as if armored and other arms are added to it.  The perfection and quality of the works done by the Dazzle had made it the best vehicle modifying company. Following steps are followed by the vehicle converting team to get the best results as per the customer requirements.

The working team will prepare carefully for dismantling the interior of the cars entirely until only the frame of the car remains exposed. It is carefully removed out of the car and similarly it is kept clear as there should not have any risks for any of the parts. The complete dismantling is done as the ballistic material should be entirely cut and the panels are well fitted so that no metal fragments can enter the passenger compartment.

While armoring not only the passenger compartment should be concentrated, but also the fuel tank, piping, and pumps should be well protected. The fuel tank is removed and it is given protection using the ballistic nylon, which is covered with a water-resistant coating. The mechanics also do a full assessment of the breaking and suspension system of the vehicle. Once the work is completed them the vehicle will be comfortably able to handle the extra weight that the armor causes. The Dazzle vehicle modification services include the interior protection being installed in each door along with the pillars and doors. The protection is also placed behind the rear seats so that the passengers inside the vehicle can have maximum protection.

During vehicle conversion, the battery, ECM and also the fuse box are protected with the help of protective ballistic steel coverings. While dealing with the windows, we use bulletproof glasses with a perfect factory finishing.

High-performance tires are used so that the vehicle can move faster and can move at high speed when there is any stressful situation or when under some attack. Along with this additional defensive options are placed in the vehicle according to the customer’s needs.


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