The special purpose vehicles (SPV) are manufactured for certain limited purposes. The operations of these vehicles have limitation to the acquisition and financing of the particular company. These special purpose, vehicles are modified according to the need of the customer. The dazzle, the leading vehicle conversion company in UAE is an ideal manufacturer of different kinds of special purpose vehicles. The manufactured structure will be safe and fit for the purpose.

The customer is allowed to choose the appropriate structure for SPV according to his requirement. It can be in the form of an ambulance, armored vehicle, or any other type depending upon your needs. The ambulance itself is of different types like basic life support ambulances and advanced life care ambulances. The equipments inside the ambulances usually vary depending upon the need of the ambulances. Usually, in an ambulance with basic life support care only certain equipments for the monitoring of the patient is required like the Pulsoxymeter, Iv fluid storage spaces, seating for the patient and bystander, space for oxygen cylinder and few such essential items are required. But when it comes to the advanced care or cardiac care ambulances, it should have all the facilities inside the ambulance so that it should act as a hospital on the road to save the life of the patient.

The armored vehicles are manufactured with different areas of safety and convenience. It may be with high safety or a less safety vehicle depending upon the need of the customer. Arms or the weapons are well organized inside the vehicle as it should be easier for the people to use it.

At Dazzle, we always manufacture the vehicles which are capable of acquiring and disposing of the particular assets, and the people are satisfied and comfortable with it. With the products being the best of these industries, The Dazzle is a vehicle modifying company has a distinct identity among the special vehicle manufacturer in UAE. The products and services of Dazzle are available not only in the UAE, but also in different parts of the world. Thus having thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world.

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