The Dazzle provides Toyota Hiace high roof ambulances for sale. The exterior features of the ambulance include front or rear wipers, having a fuel lid opener and the sufficient ambulance markings. It is a 2.5 liters diesel vehicle. It usually has a 4*2 wheel drive and the conversion features can be optional.

The interior features of the ambulances other than the medical equipment includes dual air conditioner in the vehicle, AM or FM audio system with 2 speakers, tool box containing all the necessary tools, power steering and powerful door locking system. The transmission of the vehicle is up to 5 speed manual and the fuel tank capacity is of 70 liters. There is suspension of front coil ring and also rear leaf spring. When it comes to the brakes, there is front or rear brakes with ventilated disc or disc with LSVP. The wheels are with steel rims and the tires are usually of 195R15.

At the Dazzle vehicle conversion company, during the time of conversion different medical requirements and other necessities are added to it. The additions of such features are optional to the customers. The additional things given by the vehicle conversion team of the Dazzle includes giving electronic siren on the ambulance with PA amplifier and speaker, electronic control panel inside, working lights at rear entry, light bars on the roof and ventilation fan.

The other features includes medical cabinets, rotating seat for doctors, attendant seats with seat belts, first aid kit, oxygen cylinder with the cylinder regulator, flow meter and mask, main stretcher with mattress and belts, mounted IV hook roof, presence of roof lights in patient compartment, 12V socket, fire extinguisher and even waste bin are kept inside. In such ambulances a partition wall is kept in between the driver and patient cabins with a sliding window on it.

The specifications of the ambulance may vary depending up on the type or model of the ambulance and the specifications are also given according to the need of the customers. The Toyota Hiace high roof ambulance by the Dazzle is a preferable ambulance around the world.

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