Toyota land cruiser ambulances and armored vehicles

Toyota always wanted to manufacture vehicles which will match the customer interests. And thus the Toyota vehicles are manufactured with several option packages. The Dazzle vehicle conversion will help you to have the ambulance of your choice depending upon your opinion. The option packages of Toyota may not be there in your region or it may not be there in your country. But you can have a check with your dealer to get the special order. A vehicle with some special equipment will not be available to Toyota dealers. We, at Dazzle will surely help you to solve this problem. The well featured and well specified Toyota land cruiser is converted by the Dazzle to an ambulance without losing the goodness of the vehicle. Comfort is the trademark of Dazzle in case of vehicle modification.


The Toyota land cruiser has a different series of vehicles, which can be transformed into different types of vehicles like an armored troop carrier, which will be the best option for a civilian or military client seeking for better seating capacity. It can be successfully modified to an armored CIT truck, armored personnel carrier and armored ambulances.

The Dazzle team is experienced in specializing in cases of designing, engineering, prototyping, modifying, rebuilding and manufacturing of armored vehicles and ambulances throughout the UAE and is now widespread in the world.

The Dazzle vehicle modifications of the Toyota Land Cruiser are made much easier and thus are the maintenance also done. It also accounts to be the most cost-effective vehicle modification. We, at Dazzle, provide a full vehicle armoring process by which we will ensure all the potential weaknesses are eliminated. Based on the need of the customers we manufacture armored ambulances in type I, II, III, and fly unit ambulances. The necessary equipment is added to the vehicles by creating sufficient Spaces and storages, with comfortable seating.

The Dazzle vehicle conversion unit will convert the Toyota Land Cruiser into an ambulance or any armored vehicle with merely all kinds of modifications, like having the ventilation, insulation, storage and painting if required for the purpose whether it is an ambulance, or an armored vehicle. Every modification work and the maintenance works are done at very cost-effective prices possible with it. The speciality of the Dazzle is that it manufactures the best out of the best vehicles.

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