When it comes to the type 3 ambulances manufactured by the Dazzle, different standards of safety vehicles are available. The Toyota land cruiser and Ford expedition or Hiace are our premier models of for ambulance conversion. The ambulances are converted from buses, trucks or vans. The Dazzle manufactures three different types of ambulances such as type I, type II and type III ambulances. Each one of the ambulances is having its own specific features. The Dazzle manufacturers or converts vehicles according to the need of the customers and will also consider the kind of use with it.

The type 3 ambulance manufactured by the Dazzle has become one of the best type 3 ambulances manufactured in the world. It has its own peculiar qualities than other vehicle manufacturers. It is a well preferred and certified company for ambulances, armored vehicles or any other special purpose vehicles. The square cab for the patient is the peculiarity of the type 3 ambulances of Dazzle. The type 3 ambulances are manufactured on different chassis and with different features for advanced life support. We always try to have ambulances that are manufactured to be the ‘hospital on wheels’. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturer will always be built ambulances with sufficient equipment that will support the life of the patient and also to monitor the vital signs.

The Dazzle’s well experienced and skilled team of professionals offers countless designs to build an ambulance that will be sufficient for the need of your patients and paramedics. It will have good safety standards and have a better performance. The features of the ambulances can be altered as per the customers need.

The separate cab inside the ambulance is the peculiarity of the type 3 ambulances. Similar to the type 1 ambulances there is a separate square compartment for the patients in type 3 ambulances and it is mounted on the existing chassis. It depends on the type of chassis used. The type 3 ambulances are mainly on the van chassis other than the truck chassis. The features of type 3 ambulances include handicap style on all entry doors, CPR seat on the street side, cot mount Stryker, dual position squad bench, fender flares in both aluminium and rubber, The headliner is given one piece front to rear and much more.

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