The Dazzle is a leading ambulance manufacturer in Dubai, as a result of the commitment in work. We had achieved prominence in ambulance conversion with our dedicated and experienced of professionals. Moreover, the Dazzle team has a better understanding about the health and safety requirements of patients and paramedics. This will helps in bringing a good result. We incorporate only high quality materials and offer leading edge technologies in manufacturing ambulances. This quality had actually made the Dazzle to become a best ambulance manufacturer in Dubai.

The Dazzle provides different kinds of emergency vehicles suitable for different purposes. It is sure that, you can get a suitable ambulance for your any kind of needs from Dazzle. Our vehicles are available in Middle-east countries, European countries, Asian countries, African countries and almost all other countries around the world. We are also good vehicle manufacturers in Dubai, who are well versed in creating customized ambulances and other vehicles. The usual forms of ambulances will differ based on their performance in emergency situations. People will select among them based on their requirements.

The usual divisions of ambulances are like basic life support ambulances, standard life support ambulances and advanced life support ambulances.


The Dazzle ambulance conversion company is creating basic life support ambulances with different vehicle chassis. Among these the Toyota land cruiser ambulances are of high demand. The basic life support ambulances are many used for non-emergency patient transportation. The Dazzle is a leading basic life support ambulance manufacturer in Dubai.

The common uses of these basic life support ambulances will be like patient transportation from one hospital to other hospital or to their residence, attending any non-emergency cases, routine physical and laboratory examinations, planned visit to a physician or any such needs. Probably, these ambulances are not equipped with life supporting equipment in it. Their purpose is mainly for transportation of patients. The chassis used for these kinds of ambulances can be vans, buses or trucks.


The standard life support ambulance usually comes as an intermediate between the basic and advanced life support ambulances. With this level of ambulances we can give primary measures that we usually take after situation and the patient can be safely carried to the hospital. Even though this does not include advanced equipment for the patient, it can withstand the patient’s life. The facilities for clearing airway and ensuring proper blood circulation will be present. The Dazzle is a leading standard life support ambulance manufacturer in Dubai.


The advanced life support ambulances are created in such a way that they are able to give medical support up to an extent. These kinds of ambulances are specially used for emergency or in accident cases. It can give medical monitoring and good medical care with the help of paramedics. The Dazzle is offering technically advanced life support ambulances for sale. It will usually be facilitated with advanced drug therapy, monitoring vital signs, cardiac monitoring, oxygen, IV therapy and much more as we get in hospitals. It will actually provide the service as in a hospital while transporting to hospitals.