Dazzle is a prominent ambulance manufacturer and supplier in Ethiopia. We are ensuring leading edge technologies in ambulance conversion. Our team is committed to deliver ambulances at international standards. We have a better understanding about the health and safety requirements in an ambulance. Our ambulances will meet the needs of both patients and paramedic practitioners. All these qualities are making the Dazzle a leading ambulance manufacturer in Ethiopia.


There are different health requirements and the emergencies of different cases also vary. Similarly, the ambulances also vary according to the need. The facilities required and the level of performance also will be different based on the needs. Most commonly there are three types of ambulances; they are advanced life support ambulances, standard life support ambulances and basic life support ambulances. The Dazzle vehicle conversion company in Ethiopia is developing all the three kinds of ambulances. Now let us see them in detail:

Basic Life Support Ambulances

The basic life support ambulances are used for basic medical purposes. The purposes can be like non-emergency medical transportation like visiting a physician, routine examinations or any lab investigations, for x-rays or any such needs. It is also used for transporting patients with non-emergency cases from one hospital to another or to home. The best kind of basic life support ambulances in Ethiopia are provided by the Dazzle.

Advanced Life Support Ambulances

The advanced life support ambulances are usually used in emergency cases. These kinds of ambulances will be able to provide required medical monitoring and medical care with the help of trained paramedic professionals. It will have the facilities for monitoring vital signs, for giving drug therapy, IV therapy, oxygen and also cardiac monitoring. There are also advanced cardiac life support ambulances for sale in Ethiopia.

The Dazzle is providing advanced features in these ambulances. It will have everything to do with life supporting and it will act as the ‘hospital on road’. Depending upon the purposes and the client’s needs more specific features are added. The safety of the vehicle is ensured by the Dazzle ambulance manufacturers. Due to all these features Dazzle is providing the best advanced life support ambulances in Ethiopia.

Standard Life Support Ambulances

The standard life support ambulances are those kinds of ambulances whose facilities come in between the advanced and basic ambulances. The life supporting systems in these ambulances are given in an intermediate form. This will usually have those equipment and facility to carry the patient safely into the hospital. With this the paramedics can do clearing of the airway and also can ensure proper blood circulation. More advanced treatments are not possible with these kinds of ambulances. The Dazzle is a leading manufacturer of standard life support ambulances in Ethiopia.

Even with the manufacturing of ambulances customization is done as per the needs. We are creating ambulances out of different vehicle chassis. More advanced and improved technologies are used by Dazzle for vehicle conversion. The efficiency and performance of the vehicle chassis are also increased based on the conversion.