Ambulance Manufacturers in Iraq

The Iraq is a Western Asian country. It is a homeland for diverse ethnic groups of people. The largest city and the capital city of Iraq is Bagdad. Its economy is mainly based on the oil exports and diverse domestic productions. The Iraq is a poorly developing country, but the health care system is westernized. This is done with the help of bringing sophisticated hospitals with advance medical procedures. This had actually bought a better health conditions to the people here. This accounts for the increased demand of ambulances in Iraq.

Manufacturing of Different Kinds of Emergency Vehicles

As the needs differ with the cases, the requirements with the emergency vehicles also differ. The Dazzle is a leading ambulance manufacturing company in Iraq to develop many kinds of ambulances. Other than the ambulances, the Dazzle is manufacturing different vehicles for mobile purposes. The Dazzle is a leading customized vehicle manufacturer in UAE and in many other parts around the world.

The major kinds of ambulances are advance life support ambulances, basic life support ambulances and standard life support ambulances. All the three differ in their functioning and thus their specific features will also differ. All the features, both interior and exterior are changed according to their proposed purpose. Careful selection of vehicle chassis is also done and made sure it is suitable for the purpose.

Other than the type, the vehicle transmission is also changed for improving the performance of emergency vehicles. Since they are not always meant to use on highways and fine road, we consider making them 4 wheel drive vehicles. This could make the emergency vehicles helpful for easily transporting through rural and hard areas. The Dazzle is the best 4*4 ambulance manufacturer in Iraq.

Interior Features of Ambulances

Even though we do it as per the customer’s requirement, we are giving important features in them. The interiors of ambulances are designed and manufactured according to the expected purpose with that particular type of ambulance. In case of advance life support ambulances, all kinds of advance features and medical equipment are added. This will have everything that would help in maintaining the life of the patient until the ambulance reaches the hospital. It will have facilities to check and monitor the vitals, to withstand the circulation and respiration. The advance life support ambulances will have the facilities as of mini hospitals and they are the hospital on road. The Dazzle is the leading advance life support ambulance manufacturer in Iraq.

In case of basic life support ambulances, the interior features will be in such a way that it can transfer non-emergency cases. It can check the vitals and can take patients for routine health check-ups, physical examinations, x-ray or any other related check-ups. The standard life support ambulances come as an intermediate of these two types of ambulances. All varieties of vehicles are best designed and manufactured with by the team of Dazzle. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturers are giving different kinds of ambulances for sale in Iraq.