Ambulance Manufacturers in Kenya

Kenya is officially known as the Republic of Kenya. It is a country in Eastern Africa. It is also one among the most populous countries in the world. The Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and it is the largest city here. Nairobi is the major commercial hub in the eastern and central Africa. Kenya is famous for its export and trade. Similarly, there are improvement in case of health and medical care also. This had actually brought an increased demand for emergency vehicles in Kenya. The Dazzle vehicle manufactures are the best ambulance manufacturers in Kenya.

Different Kinds of Ambulances in Kenya

The ambulances are being using for different purposes. It can be both emergency cases, less emergency cases or non-emergency vehicles. Thus it is better to provide different types of ambulances for these different purposes. The Dazzle is the ambulance manufacturer in Kenya to develop ambulances with different services. We also develop ambulances as per the customer’s requirements. Most often the Dazzle ambulances are basic life support ambulances, advance life support ambulances and standard life support ambulances.

With the changes in type of ambulances the interior features, exterior features and vehicle specifications are changed. As compared to the many different ambulance companies in Kenya, Dazzle is providing customized ambulances. Moreover, the divisions of ambulances are based on their ability to perform in the emergency situations. Now we can see the ambulances and their features.

Advanced Life Support Ambulances

These are the emergency vehicles and are used in emergency conditions like accidents or any serious medical illness. Due to this they must act as hospitals on wheels. The advanced life support ambulances from Dazzle are mostly 4 wheel drive and thus suitable to act in any kind of disaster. They can be taken even through harsh roads and for immediate response if needed. These are mostly used in transporting of emergency patients from one clinic or hospital to other and to take them from the spot to the hospital. These kinds of ambulance services in Kenya are done with the help of paramedical professionals.

The interior of the ambulance is well equipped with all the necessary medical equipment. They will be enough to withstand the life of the patient till he reaches the hospital. Thus it must have facilities as of a mini hospital. It acts as hospital on wheels in serious medical conditions. All the medical equipment like BP apparatus, Pulsoxymeter, oxygen cylinders, facilities to give IV, facilities to monitor and withstand respiration and blood circulation of the patient. Similarly, other facilities for extraction of poison etc. are given as per the customers demand.

Basic Life Support Ambulances

The ambulances meant for basic life support from Dazzle are created with good quality and standard. They will have the facility to monitor the vitals of the patients and to move them from one place to another. They are most commonly used for non-emergency cases like transporting a dead patient, taking a patient for routine health checkup, etc. The Dazzle is providing best ambulances in Kenya.

Standard Life Support Ambulances

The standard life support ambulances come as an intermediate between the advance life support ambulances and basic life support ambulances.