Ambulance Manufacturers in Nigeria

The Nigeria, officially known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria is an African country. It is a sovereign country located in the west of African continent. This country is known for its wildlife reserves. Similarly, it is also known for its diverse geography that ranges from arid to humid. This place is also known for varied cultures and languages. The country is developing rapidly and so are its infrastructure and vehicle needs. With the development in the country the medical field also improved. This created the need for more emergency vehicles in Nigeria. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturers are the leading ambulance manufactures in Nigeria.

Different Types of Ambulances in Nigeria

There are mainly three types of ambulances Type – 1, Type – 2 and Type – 3 ambulances. These are classified based on the features available in the ambulances. The medical needs may be of emergency or non-emergency. So we may not always need an ambulance with advanced life support facilities. These kinds of ambulance manufacturing are done based on the purposes they are expected to do.

Depending upon the purposes with the ambulances they are mainly of three types. They are converting as basic life support ambulances, standard life support ambulances and advanced life support ambulances. The basic life support ambulances are for basic medical purposes. They are not suppose to take emergency cases. In basic life support ambulances, there will be usually some facilities to check the vitals and to carry the patient from one place to another. These are carrying patients for routine checkups, for physical or laboratory examinations and more. The Dazzle is providing the best basic life support ambulances in Nigeria.

In case of advanced life support ambulances, there will be many facilities inside it. These are fully equipped and ready to work in emergency situations. They are used in case of accidents, medical emergencies and in case of hazardous emergencies. This will actually act as the ‘hospital on wheels’. For example if you are carrying a patient with severe heart disease, you will require different things to support his life. To keep him alive until he reaches the hospital, the ambulance should have facilities for IV, to check vitals and everything to support the pulmonary system and blood circulation. The Dazzle is manufacturing advanced cardiac life support ambulances in Nigeria.

Standard Life Support Ambulances in Nigeria

The standard life support life support ambulances are actually the intermediate of the basic and advanced life support ambulances. At Dazzle the ambulance conversion is also done in a customized manner. This will in turn help the client to get the perfect solution for his needs at budget friendly prices.

Ambulances That Meet International Standards

The Dazzle vehicle conversion company is manufacturing high quality ambulances and other vehicles with skilled professionals. The interior and exterior features of the ambulances are designed and manufactured perfectly to meet the client’s needs. These vehicles are equal to or are above the European vehicle standards. Thus the Dazzle is the high quality vehicle manufacturer in Nigeria to convert vehicles into ambulances.