Ambulance Manufacturers in Sudan

Sudan, officially called as the Republic of Sudan is in North-East Africa. This country is bordered by Egypt to the north, Chad to the west, South Sudan to the South and red sea to the north east. It is the third largest country in the African continent. Similarly, the estimated population is around 43 million. The need for hospitals and emergency vehicles are also increased. There are ambulances manufactured by different companies in Sudan. The Dazzle is the leading ambulance manufacturer in Sudan to develop best quality ambulances.

Types of ambulances in Sudan

As there are different ranges of emergency and non-emergency cases the ambulances needed also differs. The Dazzle is manufacturing three different kinds of ambulances such as advanced life support ambulances, standard life support ambulances and basic life support ambulances. All these three are used in different situations. In case of advanced life support ambulances, they are used especially in case of emergency cases. The basic life support ambulances are used for non-emergency vehicles. Similarly, the standard life support ambulances come as an intermediate of these two ambulances. Moreover, Dazzle is the customized vehicle manufacturer in Sudan to develop ambulances as per the client’s requirements.

Specific Features

As there are different types of ambulances, the specific features of the vehicles also differ. The interior and exterior features also differ as per the requirement. In case of advanced life support ambulances, all kinds of medical equipment to save the life of the person are added. They are manufactured in such a way that they act as hospital on wheels. The function expected with these kinds of ambulances are, they must give sufficient treatments and must be able to keep the patient stable. It must have facilities to give IV to the patient and maintain the respiration and circulation. The advanced cardiac life support ambulance is one of this type. The Dazzle is manufacturing best kinds of ambulances for sale in Sudan.

When it comes to the basic life support ambulances, usually small vehicle chassis are used. They will have only few facilities. They are not meant to handle emergency situations. These basic life support ambulances are used for transporting non-emergency cases from one place to another for different purposes. For taking a non-emergency patient or a bed ridden patient for a regular hospital visit, routine checkups, physiotherapy, etc. are the main purposes with these basic life support ambulances.

When it comes to the standard life support ambulances, they are having moderate facilities. They are not suitable for advanced life care purposes, but they can perform to a higher grade than the basic life support ambulances.

Customized Ambulances

Even though there are different types of ambulances, the clients may not be satisfied with one or other feature. In order to solve this problem, the Dazzle manufacturers are developing customized ambulances. Other than the inbuilt features of ambulances, different additional facilities are given into the ambulances. The Dazzle is developing good quality ambulances in Sudan at reasonable prices.