The whole world is under change and it is changing fast. Changes are seen in all fields; like technology, health, food and habits, transportation and much more. There is hardly anything that causes no or less change. With the advancements there is an increased feeling of insecurity or people may feel a threat. Dazzle vehicle manufacturers truly understand the growing needs of people regarding vehicle armoring. This had actually made us do more and more advanced types of armor. The Dazzle ambulance manufacturers had been in the field of vehicle conversion for decades and were serving better each time.


The Dazzle armored vehicles are available throughout the world. They are mainly sold out in Asian, European, African and Middle East countries. There are many vehicle conversion companies that fail to provide the best services. The Dazzle uses only good quality transparent and opaque products for armoring. Giving customized armoring and purposes oriented armoring are other peculiarities of Dazzle vehicle manufacturers. The Dazzle also ensures you a complete and better performance of your vehicles.

The vehicles after conversion will exactly resemble the original look of the vehicle. Due to this, the viewers may not understand that the vehicle is armored. The vehicles are specially upgraded to a higher level. Thus it is enabling the armored vehicles to bear the extra weight that had attained due to armoring. We are manufactured armored vehicles and also we do customize armoring for the private vehicles. This attained a popularity for the Dazzle vehicle manufacturers and became the trusted vehicle converters in UAE.


The B6 level armoring, which satisfies or is above the European standards of vehicle conversion is used by the Dazzle. It is a higher level of armor. Many of the military vehicles, government vehicles or other VIP vehicles are B6 level armored. It is designed to resist serious threats in high ranges, armor-piercing and penetrator rounds. Along with these various other protective features are added to the vehicles. The Dazzle armoring had always proved its ability in the automotive industry.

All the sides of the vehicles are armored by using both opaque materials and high-quality transparent materials. Only high-grade ballistics is used by the Dazzle. Thus became the best-armored vehicle manufacturers in Dubai. The glasses of the armored vehicles will not allow the passage of any kind of bullets or other foreign bodies to it. The floor part is also protected to provide safety against underground mines. The different levels of armoring like B4, B5 and B6 are usually chosen according to the needs.