The military armored cars are lightweight wheeled cars that used in different variety of tasks. The tasks of these vehicles will be always life threatening. Thus it is very much important to use a good quality armored vehicle. The Dazzle armored vehicle manufacturer is one of the best armored vehicle manufacturers in UAE to deliver armored vehicles of high quality. Suitable vehicle chassis is used in creating purpose oriented vehicles. The armored vehicles are employed for the purposes like internal security, armed escort and in the battlefield tasks. They are also designed for the purpose of reconnaissance and for passive observation.

Different kinds of armored vehicles are in the scene before the First World War. These kinds of vehicles are of great uses in the time of any wars or any other security issues in any countries. The armored vehicles had been an unavoidable part in the defense part of every country. With the modernization of the world the armored vehicles are used to carry out more targeted duties. Nowadays, there is an increased demand in the new technology based armored vehicles. The Dazzle armored vehicles are sold out in almost all parts of the world.


As they are designed for some particular purposes, their specifications will also be customized. The armored vehicles from the Dazzle are B6 armored and will meet or is more than the European standards of armored vehicles. The Dazzle vehicle conversion company in UAE is well-versed in creating armored vehicles. We were providing such vehicles since decades and earned a lot of satisfied customers throughout the world.

The Dazzle armored vehicles are specially designed to get through any kind of threat. A complete armoring of the vehicle is done with the Dazzle. It is armored by using both the opaque and transparent materials. The transparent materials are used in areas of glasses to withstand the bullets. The bottom part of the vehicle is also protected from the underground mines. The engine and fuel tank is also given extra protection. The capacities of the vehicles are increased to bear the weight of the armoring.

The armored vehicles are also given the facilities to hold the weapons. This is an important feature required for the military vehicles. It will also have space for the storage of weapons by the military professionals. They will be especially designed to get protection from the external weapons. The Dazzle vehicle trading company also has the armored vehicles which closely resembles its original version. It will be manufactured in such a way that other can’t understand it easily.