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We welcome you to the world of world class ambulance manufacturers. We offers best quality ambulances in the World. The ambulances manufactured by the Dazzle meet international standards. There is no compromise on the quality and safety of the vehicles. The well experienced and dedicated team of professionals will incorporate high edge technologies to all kinds of manufacturing and conversion of ambulances. Our professionals have a deep understanding of the health and safety requirements of the patients and the paramedics inside. Dazzle provides all kinds of emergency life support vehicles. Each kind of emergency vehicle is even given further modification depending upon suggestion of the customers. The Dazzle will do the manufacturing at its best.


Dazzle manufactures and supplies different types of life support ambulances comes under basic life support ambulances, advanced life support ambulances or standard life support ambulances. All the three varieties of emergency vehicles are manufactured and exported by Dazzle.

The Dazzle’s basic life support ambulances for sale are mainly used for non-emergency medical purposes. It is used for purposes like planned patient visits to the physician and transportation of patients from hospitals to residence or vice versa. It can be vans, buses or any other vehicles.

In case of advanced life support ambulances for sale by the Dazzle, it includes all the medical equipment that are required to monitor and care the patient inside it while transporting from one place to another. Usually it includes vital signs monitoring equipment, IV therapy and drug therapy, cardiac monitoring and also oxygen supply to the patients. Other facilities depending upon the need of the customers are also given with it.

Standard life support ambulance.

Standard life support ambulances for sale by the Dazzle are actually the intermediate of the advanced and basic life support ambulances. In these emergency vehicles, the medical care includes the giving of primary measures after the emergency event and the patient is carried
safely to the hospital. It aims at ensuring proper blood circulation and airway clearing of the patient under stress.
Depending upon the chassis used for manufacturing ambulances, it is of three types namely:
Type I, Type II and Type III. The type I ambulances are mainly of cab chassis and are usually heavy duty ambulances. Type II ambulances, which are long wheel base cabs and are specially designed to transport emergency patients to hospitals. Then type III ambulances are more like type I ambulances.

Here cab is the integral part of the ambulance and a separate square patient compartment is added to it. Different types of chassis are used, even though van chassis are preferred than truck chassis.


Dazzle is the world leader in manufacturing ambulances. The ambulances for sale from the Dazzle are best in its quality and offers high safety. Ambulances with different levels of performance are available. The efficiency and the performance of the emergency vehicle are chosen according to the need and demand of the customer.

The ambulances with 4*4 wheel drive and 4*2 wheel drives are available. Unlike other ambulance manufacturers, ambulance for sale from Dazzle is available at affordable prices.
The Dazzle manufactured ambulances are available throughout the world. They are mainly exported to Asian, African and European countries. The ambulances keep the international standards and are thereby one of the best ambulances in the world.

The safety features of the ambulances are given much importance and after the manufacturing they are undergoing different safety analysis. Thus each ambulance delivered and the available ambulances for sale by the Dazzle are at its best. The keeping of international standard and excellent quality and safety of the ambulances had gained it a lot of satisfied customers around the world. The scene had changed to such a way that, the Dazzle manufactured ambulances are the best of ‘Hospitals on Wheels.’