The Dazzle vehicle manufacturers are creating and modifying different kinds of vehicles since decades. It is well established in the creation of different types of ambulances, armored vehicles and other special purpose vehicles. The Dazzle is also a dealer of several brand new vehicles. In short, you can approach Dazzle for your any kind of imaginary vehicles.

Initially, the Dazzle manufactured vehicles were sold in and around UAE but it gained more popularity and is available in Asian, African, European and Middle East countries. The Dazzle vehicles are now available throughout the world. All the vehicles converted under the Dazzle manufacturing unit will surely meet all the quality standards and will be good in performing its actions.


The Dazzle ambulance manufacturer in Dubai is well experienced in creating type 1, 2 and 3 ambulances. We create ambulances out of different vehicle chassis.  All the basic life support, advanced life support and standard life support ambulances are created. All the ambulance specifications are given as per the requirement. The outlook of the ambulance will be in choice according to the country in which it is going to be used.

The internal specification of the ambulance will be according to the type of ambulance and its use. It is also provided by considering the demands of the customer. The ambulance after conversion will be ensured to fit its purpose and a complete safety of the passengers and patients inside it is also ensured.


As the demand for armored vehicles are rising throughout the world, the Dazzle surely understands its needs. Several people demands different kinds of armoring like partial armoring or complete armoring. For private vehicles, they may demand only partial armoring to withstand accidents. But in case of celebrities, police or government vehicles they may require a complete armoring to provide protection against accidents, bullets and more.

The Dazzle armored vehicle manufacturers do armoring by using both transparent and opaque materials. All parts of the vehicles including the engine part are also given protection through armoring. The Dazzle uses B6 armoring which meets international quality standards.

The Dazzle armored vehicles closely resembles the original look of the vehicle and it is the major peculiarity of Dazzle. This is one of the major reasons for the selection of Dazzle armored vehicles by the customers when compared other armored vehicles. After armoring, the vehicle is given the strength to handle the extra weight it has obtained due to armoring.


The special purpose vehicles are created to perform some special purposes. The purpose may be like fuel tank truck or mobile kitchen. It is very important to consider the purpose it must be performed. They are created in such a way by the Dazzle vehicle manufacturers in UAE to perfectly meet its need. The Dazzle is well known in creating efficient special purpose vehicles.