The celebrities will also require bulletproof vehicles as they may be facing some threat. Moreover, a bulletproof car is a matter of high-class. The Dazzle vehicle conversion company is converting the luxury vehicles of the celebrities to bulletproof vehicles. Celebrities usually prefer high-class things to show status. Sometimes, with the onslaught of fans and paparazzi to get a celebrity photo may put the celebrities in trouble. In such cases, celebrities will prefer to do several armoring solutions for their vehicle. The Dazzle had become the best bulletproof car manufacturer in UAE. Now, the Dazzle is the best companion for the celebrities for armoring their vehicles.

The Dazzle’s bulletproof cars are available everywhere in the world. The quality in work has created a good name for Dazzle. They are mainly sold out in the middle-east countries, Asian countries, and African and European countries. But the Dazzle’s services are available in almost all parts of the world. The bulletproof celebrity cars are also created on the prior request of the customers. Only good quality armoring is done and meets international quality standards. The style of the vehicles is also well maintained by the Dazzle vehicle conversion company.


The Dazzle vehicle manufacturers in UAE have created several solutions for armoring for celebrities. This will help their famous luxury car to stay stronger and safer than it actually is. We are providing B6 level armoring for the vehicles. The vehicle conversion is done in such a way that, it closely resembles the original look of the car. Due to this, other people can’t easily make out that the vehicle is armored. We have specialized armored protection packages for these kinds of conversion. Custom built armored protection is also done, which is preferred by many people. Thus the Dazzle is doing the best for armoring vehicles in Dubai.


Different other special features like electric door handles, smoke screen clouds and many more are introduced by the Dazzle. These kinds of attractive features are the reason behind the increased popularity of the Dazzle vehicle manufacturers across the world.

It can be again upgraded with some conversion and plush options. This could be like movable televisions and other custom leather seats. Even more upgrading features and additions are given in the vehicles as per the customer’s request. We not only aim at making the car bulletproof, but also we make it more comfortable. We add more luxury with these luxury cars. Thus, the Dazzle vehicle manufacturers had become the best team to create celebrity bulletproof cars in Dubai.