There is nothing to wonder about people looking for bulletproof cars. This is due to the increased violence and wars occurring in the world. Nowadays, people are more and more worried about them being shot or getting robbed while travelling. The armoring of cars and other vehicles is not meant for namesake, but it should be of good quality to provide protection to passengers. More than a luxury, bulletproof cars or armored cars had become a necessity for people around the world due to the increased threats and violence.

The Dazzle armored vehicles are widely used in different parts of the world, especially in African countries, European countries, and in the Middle East countries. The excellent features and qualities of the Dazzle manufactured vehicles had made it more popular across different countries. You can have the car armored as per your desire from the team Dazzle.

There are many ways by which we can provide protection to the car. You can choose the kind of protection that you want to have and also taking into consideration the car which you are driving. The kind of vehicle must be considered important as all the vehicles cannot be bulletproofed. This is mainly because adding such things will add weight to the vehicle and it should not be more than the vehicle’s bearing capacity. So the car needs to have that strength to continue to have that good performance.

While converting a car to a bulletproof car, certain things which are mentioned below are commonly used:


The bulletproof glass is the primary and important material used while conversion. We use lightweight polycarbonate curved glass which can make the glass bulletproof. The Dazzle armored vehicle manufacturers do continual research and there are further improvements in the armoring of the vehicles. The Dazzle manufactured vehicles have several examples to show regarding the survival of war or violence.


This is a must-have material in any kind of armoring of vehicles. In bulletproof cars, in some areas it will be possible to use hardened ballistic steel. During the process of armoring, the steel is pulverized by a technician with a special chemical. This is used to make the ballistic harder and stronger.


The ballistic nylon is also known as bomb blankets. The bulletproof glasses can prevent the bullets from reaching inside the vehicles, but the explosion or fragmentation may not be prevented. The use of ballistic nylon can prevent it.


When the vehicle is demanding a high level of protection without adding much weight to the vehicle, this is the best option. Most of the composite armors tend to meet the ballistic standards. The Dazzle provides the best-armored vehicles for sale.