The fire and rescue vehicles are basically meant for firefighting. These kinds of vehicles are primarily designed for technical rescue situations and to help the search and rescue operations within the structure fires. The Dazzle is efficiently manufacturing fire and rescue units. They usually carry an array of equipment that is required for this purpose. The equipment is like generators, winches, cranes, hi-lift jacks, cutting torches, circular saws and many others are available in these vehicles. There is more heavy equipment in these trucks than the standard trucks. The Dazzle is converting these vehicles perfectly and is a leading fire and rescue vehicle manufacturer in Dubai.


There are differently capable firefighting vehicles. They are created based on their expected purpose. For the specialized roles, most of them carry on-board pumps so as to carry out their responsibility. There are different kinds of fire and rescue vehicles manufactured by the Dazzle vehicle conversion company.

The peculiarity of Dazzle is, here we gather information to formalize our works. We surely take your suggestions and will always do the best for you. The Dazzle vehicle trading company will create a good quality fire and rescue vehicle with a strategic approach and a well-dedicated team. They will work for you to give a higher level of efficiency. When it comes to the fire and rescue operations, the efficiency of the vehicles is very much important.


These vehicles are not just trucks. After the conversion, the fire and rescue vehicles will have increased weight. The capacity of the vehicle chassis must be increased to hold the heaviness. This weight gain is mainly due to the equipment present inside it. It will be having heavy and hard equipment with it after the conversion.

Moreover, the fire and rescue vehicles from the Dazzle are created to give complete comfort to the workers. All the machines and materials inside are arranged perfectly and in order. Because of this the people using this will be comfortable and they feel easy to use. Thus they can perform well and in the end, there will be a better result. We also consider the guidelines from the ministry and home affairs while manufacturing these kinds of vehicles. Due to this the Dazzle is more preferable and has become a leading manufacturer of fire and rescue units in UAE.