Fire and Rescue Vehicle Manufacturer in Kenya

The Republic of Kenya has a lower middle income economy. But it has a comparatively better economic condition when compared to other African countries. Moreover, it is a comparatively highly populated country in the world. Thus all kinds of needs including the vehicle needs are also increased. The Dazzle is the leading vehicle manufacturer to create best kinds of fire and rescue vehicles in Kenya.

They can be manufactured in a completely customized manner and hence Dazzle became a convenient option for many people and communities in Kenya. Customization of different kinds of vehicle for mobile and specialized purposes had made the Dazzle highly popular in African countries. Vehicles can be created for the purpose of firefighting alone or for rescue operations alone. We also manufacture vehicle that can be used for multiple purposes.

Fire Vehicles or Fire Engines

The fire vehicles are exclusively meant for firefighting. They are usually the converted trucks on road that will act as the fire apparatus. The primary purpose with the fire engine is the transportation of water, firefighters and other necessary firefighting equipment to the scene of operation. The Dazzle automobile manufacturers also manufacture fire engines with specialized functions such as wildlife suppression. We also create firefighting vehicles that are able to do aircraft rescue and firefighting. These kinds of vehicles are also combined with abilities to carry equipment for technical rescue. Thus the Dazzle is the leading manufacturer of fire engines in Kenya.

Many of the fire engines are usually based on commercial vehicle chassis that are upgraded to do the expected function. Thus the term fire engine is used for a broad range of vehicles that are involved in firefighting. There are separate and specific types of vehicles manufactured for firefighting.

Rescue Vehicles

The rescue vehicles are those kind of specialized vehicles used in technical rescue. These vehicles are usually designed to transport different specialized equipment necessary for the purpose of technical rescue. These vehicles are specialized to carry an array of equipment such as wooden cribbing, generators, winches, cranes, circular torches, lift jacks, cutting torches and many other heavy and special equipment that are not present in trucks. The capability of the truck is also converted based on the required purpose. They are made capable of carrying heavy equipment and other materials in case of emergency. These vehicles can be integrated with fire departments and emergency vehicle services. The Dazzle is providing best kinds of rescue vehicles in Kenya.

Specific Features of Vehicles

Even though these kinds of vehicles are customized as per the commercial needs, there are certain important features to be added. While upgrading the vehicles, they are normally fitted with sirens and emergency vehicle lightings. These are essential to get the attention from other drivers on the road, which is essential for a fast and smooth passage to the situation. Certain communication equipment like two-way radios and mobile computer technologies will be also incorporated for a smooth functioning. Many other facilities are also added based on the client’s interests.