Fire and Rescue Vehicle Manufacturers in Angola

Angola, officially known as the Republic of Angola is located in the southern part of African continent. It is the seventh largest country in Africa. This place is inhabited since the Paleolithic age. Angola is known for vast mineral and petroleum reserves. Its economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. But the economic growth is highly uneven, and the growth is seen in small sector of population only. The life expectancy of people here are comparatively less. The transport systems of Angola are much improved and there is need for different kinds of vehicles. The Dazzle is the leading vehicle conversion company in Angola.

Customized Fire and Rescue Vehicles

The team of Dazzle is well versed in creating fire and rescue vehicles in a customized manner. The need and expected purposes differ with different countries. Thus we aim to meet the vehicle needs of our client’s perfectly. The fire and rescue vehicles can be manufactured in a combined form to perform different duties. They can also be manufactured in separate forms that are aimed at performing particular duties. The custom made designs and their perfect manufacturing will help the client to have a better performance with the vehicle.

Fire Truck

Fire truck otherwise called as fire engine or fire lorry is usually made of truck chassis, which function as a firefighting apparatus. These created in such a way that they are able to perform the primary purposes like transporting of firefighters, equipment and water to the site to carry out the firefighting operation. Similarly, they are also manufactured to perform some special functions. The specialized functions can be like the ability to perform in wildlife suppression, aircraft rescue and firefighting, carry different equipment for technical rescue, etc. The Dazzle is the leading fire and rescue vehicle manufacturers in Angola.

Many of the fire engines are based on commercial vehicle chassis. This chassis is then done further upgrading and customized for firefighting requirements. They are normally fitted with facilities like sirens or emergency vehicle lightings. These are especially kept to receive attention from other drivers on the roads and also people. This will help the vehicle to move faster to reach the site of emergency. Other communication equipment like two way radios and mobile computer technology is also added to ensure better performance in emergency cases.

Rescue Vehicle Manufacturer

The rescue vehicles are those specialized vehicles that are used in technical rescue. They are especially designed to transport necessary equipment and other requirements to the site of technical rescue. These vehicles usually carry an array of different equipment. The equipment can be like Jaws of Life, high lift jacks, cranes, cutting torches, circular saws, wooden cribbing, winches, generators and other heavy equipment.

These kinds of facilities will not be available in standard trucks and they will not have the capacity to hold the heavy items. So while conversion the capacity of the vehicles is also increased to with stand the exceeding weight that is gained after conversion. The Dazzle has the best kinds of fire and rescue vehicles for sale in Angola.