Fire and Rescue Vehicle Manufacturers in Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo is the largest country in sub Saharan Africa. It is the second populated country in the African continent and has population of more than 103 million. It is the second poorest country in the world. Similarly, the healthcare and other emergency services are poor in this country. Thus giving affordable vehicle solutions are very important as the people here can’t afford high rates. The Dazzle is the leading vehicle manufacturers to provide fire and rescue vehicles in Congo.

The needs for fire and rescue vehicles as well as emergency vehicles are increasing in this country. The Dazzle is the popular vehicle manufacturing company in Congo to provide vehicle conversions at reasonable prices. The Dazzle manufactures different kinds of vehicles for mobile and specialized purposes purely in a customized form. Thus you can get them exclusively for a single purpose or you get them designed for multiple purposes. The convenience with customization of vehicles had made the Dazzle as a reliable vehicle conversion option for the people in Africa.

Fire Truck Manufacturers in Congo

Most commonly the fire engine vehicles are manufactured out of truck chassis. Thus most of them will be fire trucks that will function as firefighting apparatus. The single purpose fire fighting vehicles will transport water, firefighters and other required equipment to the site of incident. Advanced technologies and improved products are used in vehicle conversion by the Dazzle. Thus Dazzle is providing best quality fire fighting vehicles in Congo.

Some fire engine vehicles are converted with specialized features. They can be used in performing specialized purposes like wildlife suppression and in case of aircraft accidents to suppress fire. They will carry everything required for suppression of fire in major fire hazards.

Rescue Vehicles

The rescue vehicles are made in such a way that they can be used to carry all kinds of equipment for technical rescue. That is they can be used for several kinds of operations. They are also further customized to perform specialized activities. Most often the rescue vehicles will carry an array of equipment like jaws of life, cutting torches, lift jacks, cranes, wooden cribbing, generators, circular saws, generators and many other forms of heavy equipment.

The rescue vehicles will lack water tanks and pumping gears, as they are made to perform specialized roles. They are manufactured typically for rescue operations. But in some cases they are also integrated with fire departments or emergency medical services. The Dazzle is the leading automobile manufacturing company to have best fire and rescue vehicles for sale in Congo.

Special Features

Certain special features are added to these trucks to make its performance smooth and better. The fire and rescue vehicles are normally fitted with sirens and emergency vehicle lightings. This will act as the differentiating factors for emergency and the other drivers on road can easily recognize. This is done strictly based on the government rules of the particular country. Communication equipment like two way radios and mobile computer technology are also added to this. The Dazzle is offering better customization of fire and rescue vehicles in Africa.