Fire and Rescue Vehicle Manufacturers in Ethiopia

Ethiopia, officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is a landlocked country. This is located in the horn of the African continent. It is one of the most populous countries in Africa. According to the IMF, Ethiopia is relatively a fastest growing economy in the world. With the industrialization and urbanization, the automobile requirements also increased. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturing company is meeting all kinds of vehicle needs in Ethiopia. We manufacture the best kinds of fire and rescue vehicles in Ethiopia.

Fire and Rescue Vehicle Conversions

The vehicle chassis commonly used are of the trucks. Thus it is also known as fire truck and it is commonly a road vehicle that functions for firefighting. The truck chassis is used because these kinds of vehicles will need a lot of space to carry. Moreover, they will require comparatively better performance to act in emergency situations. Thus using truck chassis is a best option for manufacturing fire and rescue units. Similarly, the Dazzle vehicle converters create fire and rescue units out of different vehicles.

Normally, these kinds of vehicles are expected to carry heavy weight in the forms of equipment or water. Thus the vehicle transmission and other capacities of these trucks must be increased. Similarly, we add only high quality products and equipment in the vehicles to ensure a quality vehicle conversion. The vehicle conversion team of Dazzle is efficient in manufacturing high performing vehicles. Thus the Dazzle is providing best fire and rescue vehicles for sale in Ethiopia.

Specific Features of Fire and Rescue Vehicles

Many of the fire and rescue units are based on various commercial chassis. These vehicles are then further upgraded and customized for the expected requirements. They are usually fitted with sirens and emergency vehicle lights. This vehicle will also have equipment for communication such as two-way radios and mobile computer technology.

The Dazzle vehicle manufacturers will specially modify the fire and rescue vehicles to perform specialized functions. The specialized functions can be like wildfire suppression, aircraft rescue and their firefighting, rescuing from drowning deaths and also from any hazardous conditions. Similarly, they are also meant to carry different equipment for technical rescue. Thus the Dazzle is providing high quality fire and rescue units for sale in Africa.

Different Types of Fire and Rescue Vehicles

The fire and rescue units are of different types and all these types are manufactured by the Dazzle. Moreover, they are customized as per the client’s needs and budget. The Dazzle is providing budget friendly vehicle conversions in Ethiopia. There are different types of these vehicles and they are customized as fire trucks or rescue trucks alone.

The vehicles that come under the fire and rescue are:

  • Conventional fire engine
  • Aerial apparatus
  • Turntable ladder
  • Tiller truck
  • Platform truck
  • Wildland fire engine
  • Water tender
  • Airport crash tender
  • Light and air unit
  • Fire investigation unit
  • Fire police unit
  • Hazardous materials apparatus
  • Fire car
  • Marine rescue unit
  • Mobile communications vehicles
  • Operational support unit