Fire and Rescue Vehicle Manufacturers in Ghana

The fire rescue vehicles are primarily used for the purpose of transporting necessities to the scene of incident. It transports firefighters, rescue team, water and other equipment for the firefighting and rescue operations. Moreover some of these vehicles have specialized functions such as wildfire suppression and aircraft rescue. They are also used for technical rescue. The Dazzle vehicle conversion company is manufacturing different kinds of fire and rescue vehicles in Ghana. They are usually made with large vehicle chassis that is capable of carrying heavy tools and equipment.

Features of Fire and Rescue Vehicles

The external features of the fire and rescue vehicles will mainly include the lightings, sirens and the color or markings on them. These are meant for giving audible and visual warnings. Most commonly conspicuous colors are used but it differs with the rescue team or with the country. The fire engines are usually equipped with water and hoses for firefighting. But in case of fire trucks there will be tools like carrying ladders, different kinds of rescue equipment and other tools for supporting the personnel to perform their duty. The Dazzle is giving highly customized fire and rescue vehicles based on their requirements. The Dazzle is manufacturing customized fire and rescue vehicles in Ghana based on the duty they are expected to perform.

The firefighting apparatus is describing that the vehicle is customized for firefighting operations. There are many kinds of firefighting apparatus. Some of the common types include Aerial firefighting apparatus, Helitack, fireboat, fire bike, fire engine, quint, wildland fire engine, airport crash tender, water tender, heavy rescue vehicle, light and air unit, hazardous material unit and more. Moreover, all kinds of facilities can be purely customized to offer a better performance. Creating vehicles as per the client’s needs had made the Dazzle to be a popular vehicle conversion company in Ghana.

Designing and Manufacturing of Fire and Rescue Vehicles

The design and construction of fire engines focuses of different things. They are focused on both active and passive warnings. The passive visual warnings are given importance in the developing countries than in the developed countries. The more modern designs are given with retro reflectors to reflect light from other vehicles. In addition to this active warnings are also given to get the attention from other drivers on the roads. These are also given in different forms like light bars or beacons. In some regions, they are also used to transport first responder firefighters, paramedics to medical emergencies due to their proximity to the emergency situations.

Similarly, during vehicle conversion, the chassis of the vehicle is strengthened to withstand the increased weight after conversion. Thus most often truck chassis is used for creating fire and rescue vehicles. The Dazzle is using high standard products in manufacturing. Moreover, our best team of professionals and employees are giving excellent services. This makes Dazzle popular among the vehicle conversion companies in Africa. Thus the Dazzle has the best quality fire and rescue vehicles for sale in Ghana.