Fire and Rescue Vehicle Manufacturers in Iraq

The Republic of Iraq is a Western Asian country. The economic sector of this country is great dependent on the oil sector. Due to the increasing population and more advancement of people, there is an increased demand for customized vehicle conversions. The need for vehicles like fire and rescue vehicles are also of high demand. Their manufacturing also demands better customization to perform a particular function and also for performing multiple functions. The Dazzle is the leading vehicle manufacturer to develop best quality fire and rescue vehicles in Iraq as per the client’s requirements.

Customized Vehicle Conversion

The professional team of Dazzle is well concerned about the expectations and needs of the client’s. We are doing vehicle conversions out of different vehicle chassis. It could be anything like a car, van, truck or any other vehicle chassis. Moreover, the excellence in designing different kinds of vehicles to fit different purposes had made the Dazzle more popular. Similarly, in case of fire and rescue vehicles also we do customized type of conversion. They are designed and manufactured in such a way that they will perform the firefighting alone or rescue operations alone. Like this, they are also manufactured to do multi purposes. The capacity of the vehicle is also increased to hold the increasing weight that it will acquire during the vehicle conversion.

Advanced Fire and Rescue Vehicles

With usage of more advanced technologies in vehicle manufacturing, we create improved vehicle conversions. This includes incorporation of several functional things to the vehicles and creating the vehicles under best technologies. The Dazzle is manufacturing the fire and rescue vehicles with specialized functions. Due to this they will be able to perform in situations like wildfire suppression, aircraft rescue and firefighting, drowning, different kinds of disasters and hazardous conditions, etc. They will also carry equipment for technical rescue. Similarly, creating different ranges of specialized vehicles had made the Dazzle as a leading fire and rescue vehicle manufacturing company in Iraq.

Types of Fire and Rescue Vehicles

There are many types of fire and rescue vehicles available. The different types are according to the vehicle chassis used in the manufacturing and also the purpose expected with them. In some cases, the designing and manufacturing also differs to get a desired type of vehicle. The Dazzle is manufacturing different types of fire and rescue vehicles and some of them are as follows:

  • Conventional Fire engine
  • Trucks with aerial apparatus
  • Trucks with turntable ladder
  • Platform truck
  • Wildland fire engine
  • Tiller truck
  • Fire car
  • Fire investigation unit
  • Water tender
  • Fire police unit
  • Light and air unit
  • Marine rescue unit
  • Hazardous materials apparatus
  • Operational support unit
  • Mobile communications vehicle
  • Airport crash tender

All these types of vehicles are manufactured to fit the purpose and they will be further modified to meet the client’s suggestions. Similarly, we are highly concerned with performance and capacity of the vehicle that we are manufacturing. The Dazzle has the best kinds of fire and rescue vehicles for sale in Iraq.