Fire and Rescue Vehicle Manufacturers in Nigeria

The Nigeria which is officially known as the Republic of Nigeria is a sovereign nation in Western Africa. This is a multinational state which is inhabited by more than different ethnic group of people speaking different languages. Nigeria is the most populated country in the African continent. Similarly, it is also the seventh populated country in the world. The economic status of the country is comparatively high. The increased population and better economic status of the people here had actually increased the vehicle needs. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturers are developing different mobile vehicle solutions and are providing best fire and rescue vehicles in Nigeria.

Design and Construction of Fire and Rescue Vehicles

While designing and constructing the fire and rescue units, the professional teams of Dazzle focus on both active and passive warnings. The passive visual warnings mainly include the use of high contrast patterns that can make the vehicles easily noticeable. Usually, these types of signs were used in older vehicles and most commonly in developing countries.

Similarly, with advanced technologies and better modernization, we are using things like retro reflectors to reflect light from other vehicles. These vehicles will also have reflectors arranged in chevron pattern with words like fire and rescue. The patterns of markings may change according to the countries. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturing company is giving best fire and rescue units for sale in Nigeria.

Like the passive warnings, there are active warnings also given. They are usually in the form of any flashing colored lights. These flash in order to attract the attention of other vehicles as the fire trucks are approaching. The lights are always accompanied by loud noises such as sirens or air horns especially when they are headed towards the scene.

Specific Features of Fire and Rescue Vehicles

These vehicles are also manufactured out of different commercial vehicles. They are done further upgrading and customization as per the requirements. Normally they will be presented with sirens and emergency vehicle lights. Communication equipment like two-way radios and mobile computer technology are also incorporated into it. Moreover, several other special features are also added by considering the purpose and budget of the client. Giving customized vehicle solutions had made the Dazzle as a leading fire and rescue vehicle manufacturer in Africa.

Different Types of Fire and Rescue Vehicles

These types of vehicles are made out of different chassis and are also differently manufactured. The Dazzle manufactures fire and rescue vehicles for different purposes. Some of the major types are:

  • Conventional fire engine – This is the standard fire truck that will transport firefighters to the scene of incident. They will also carry equipment needed for the scenario.
  • Trucks with aerial apparatus – It is mounted with extendable boom that will help the firefighters to reach high locations.
  • Trucks with turntable ladder
  • Tiller truck
  • Platform truck
  • Wildland fire engine
  • Water tender
  • Airport crash tender
  • Fire car
  • Fire investigation unit
  • Operational support unit
  • Fire police unit
  • Mobile communications vehicle
  • Hazardous materials apparatus
  • Marine rescue unit
  • Light and air unit