The first responder units are those vehicles specialized to arrive at the scene of emergency. They are expected to provide the immediate assistance during an emergency. The emergency situation could be anything like an accident, natural disaster or due to terrorism. First responder units are created in such a way that it have all the facilities like equipment, electricity, seating, etc. to act in such situations. Since these vehicles have to perform in between life and death, these considerations must be given while manufacturing also. The Dazzle is best vehicle converters to create best first responder units in Dubai.

The first responder units will be capable of giving pre hospital care, especially in remote settings. They must be occupied with setups for patient packing and also for their transport to the hospitals. Only a well-equipped first responder unit will receive certification to provide pre-hospital care and services in that particular jurisdiction.


They are expected to function in certain emergency situations. These vehicles must act as the first responder in such situations to save the life of patients. There is an array of potential medical emergencies. Infectious diseases are always a major health hazard prevalent in the world. It may be of different causative organisms and will be of different set of symptoms.

In case of current prevalent pandemic Covid-19 certain precautions are taken to ensure the safety of first responders performing their works. These first responder vehicles will have facilities call queries, symptom screening and other things for personal hygiene. Thus, these kinds of vehicles will ensure stringent disinfection protocols. The Dazzle is the leading vehicle manufacturer to manufacture best kinds of first responder units for sale in UAE.

Similarly, in case of terrorism injuries, these vehicles are of utmost importance. Most commonly with these kinds of attacks more number of people will be badly injured. Moreover, they will lack help from others due to many reasons. Here the first responder units will reach and provide necessary medical care to withstand the patient until he reaches the hospital.

The occurrence of natural disasters are the another problem faced by people. Usually in case of any disasters or hazards a group of people or an area of people will be affected. Thus first responder units from outside this place will be necessary to perform in such situations. The Dazzle is providing good quality vehicle conversions in Ethiopia in case of different mobile and specialized conversions.

Specific Features of First Responder Units

The vehicle chassis will be improved with the capacities and vehicle transmissions to incorporate the changes while conversion. The vehicles are added with certain interior features like seating and other protective measures. The exterior features include the change in colors or other markings on the vehicles. Specific features are mainly the addition of medical equipment and other things that are needed to act in emergency situations.