As an armored car owner, you can do regular inspections and preventive maintenance to save money on major repairs. Regular preventive maintenance will help you to keep a happy ride. This is also depending upon the type of vehicle and the armoring used on it. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturing company will do early and quality maintenance works with lesser costs. But many people may not be aware of when to carry out this maintenance processes. Here we discuss some tips that can be applied to any kind of armored vehicle.

One must mainly know about the usual preventive maintenance of the vehicles. The things like oil changing, checking tire pressure, getting regular inspections and the works to be done. Doing these services at the right time can save you thousands of money.


The owners must know how important the reading manual of a vehicle is. The regular maintenance schedule of your vehicle is inside it. You have to really consider the suggestions of your manufacturers. They will suggest you when to change the oil, filters, timing belts in your vehicles and much more. You can even find out that, whether you are using the right kind of oil. It can make you interesting by telling you, how your car works and more. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturers will do all maintenance works of your vehicles and save you from costly repairs.


It is always better to do an inspection on your own. It is a basic thing so that you can find out anything that is not ordinary in your car. Look for the lights are working and the air pressure in your tires. Listen for any strange sounds, both inside and outside. Also, check for your tires has enough thread. If there is anything that is not ordinary don’t ignore it.

Learn to check fuels in your vehicles. You may not know to change the antifreeze, power steering, and coolant or wiper fluid. But it is better to know to check its levels yourself. Don’t afraid to open the hood and see for it. More importantly, don’t ignore any leak. Inspect and then get your timing and serpentine belts replaced whenever it is necessary. Check oil and change it regularly as in the user’s manual. Check your battery and clean it if necessary. Replace your cabin and engine air filters whenever required. Checking and replacing the spark plugs is not difficult and you must change it regularly.


Along with this usual maintenance, special care must be given to the armored vehicles. The armored parts must also be inspected and required changes must be done. The Dazzle armored vehicle manufacturers are the best-armored vehicle servicing company in Dubai. The quality services offered by the Dazzle gained its better popularity among the vehicle manufacturers in UAE.