With the introduction of the mobile clinics, the healthcare workers became able to give better services. There is an improved result in diagnostic, therapeutic and prevention services. Due to this the use of mobile clinics became widespread in many countries across the world. They had proved to be very helpful especially in case of communicable diseases. Many countries were using these mobile clinics at the time of different epidemic diseases and also during the time of pandemic Covid-19. The Dazzle is in the field of vehicle manufacturing since years and had created best mobile clinics in UAE.


A suitable vehicle chassis is taken and it is highly modified to get a perfect mobile clinic. The team of Dazzle is well experienced in vehicle conversion and we are doing it in a best way. We are highly concerned about the end result after manufacturing and also about their performance on-road and as a clinic. Hence you will get a reliable mobile clinic from the Dazzle.

While converting the interiors, they are perfectly designed to occupy all the necessary medical equipment. It will have enough space for comfortable sitting and case taking for the doctors. The para-medical staffs will also have a comfortable place to do their work in this moving clinic. Above all we consider the patients. It will be designed in a perfect way by the Dazzle vehicle manufacturers to provide good care to your patients.


While vehicle conversion to any vehicles likes ambulances, armored vehicles or any other special-purpose vehicles, it may require strengthening. The prior capacity of the vehicle may not be enough after the vehicle conversion. It is important to increase the capacity and vehicle transmission. This is applicable in all kinds of vehicles. The Dazzle will always consider these things and the vehicle capacity will be increased as per the need. These greater considerations from the side of Dazzle had made it a popular around the world as a best vehicle manufacturer.

Similarly, in case of the mobile clinics, there will be addition of several medical equipment and other essentials to it. This will increase the weight inside the vehicle. Due to this, the capacity of the vehicle must be increased. This is essential for vehicle safety and also for better performance on the road. The Dazzle vehicle conversion company will clearly monitor all the needs of the mobile clinics. Moreover, we will provide it in a best way than any other vehicle conversion companies in Dubai.