The mobile grooming units have gained popularity in recent years. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturers are offering the best quality mobile pet grooming units in UAE. There are many reasons for these vehicles to attain popularity among people. The major reason is due to the better convenience that it offers. With the grooming unit, the groomer comes to you often at your convenient time. This will help you to avoid the risk of taking your pet into the traditional grooming salons.

The pets and their owners will feel less stressed. Some pets may experience anxiety about leaving their owner at a groomer. Sometimes they may feel anxious or maybe travel sick on the way. Many pet animals will feel agitated when they stay closer to other animals. With mobile grooming you can avoid these entire stressful situations for your pet. Your pet will get focused attention and doesn’t have to deal with other pet animals at the salon. The Dazzle is providing the best pet grooming vans for sale.


The Dazzle uses different vehicle chassis for creating this vehicle. Even though, the commonly used vehicle chassis is the truck or van type. This is mainly chosen based upon the requirements of the owner and the grooming animals are also considered. The vehicle specifications and internal features also slightly vary according to the type of animals and the grooming facilities.

The pet grooming vehicles from Dazzle are especially created to make your job easier. The vehicle features will include facilities like bathing facilities that may be given internally or externally. They will have air conditioners, catalytic heater, bathing tub, hydraulic grooming table, high-speed velocity dryer, porta-potty, freshwater tanks, and fully drainable water systems.

Other features include reinforced trailer frame, splitting electrical system, flush locks, and deadbolt, retractable step, fully insulated walls and ceilings, non-skid flooring, the insulated floor for the mechanical room, stainless steel counters, aluminum locking cabinets and drawers, manual opening roof vent, duplex outlets in groom space and mechanical rooms, crown molding accents and so on. On-demand, the facilities are removed or added. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturers will create it in the best possible manner by keeping the standard of the vehicle. Thus you can give the best pet grooming services with the help if the Dazzle manufactured mobile grooming units. This will definitely help you to make your job easy and also you can satisfy your clients.