The mobile workshop solutions will enable you to do reach your customers wherever you want with your equipment. The most commonly used vehicle chassis for the mobile workshop conversion is the van chassis; others are truck or bus chassis. All the mobile vehicle conversions of the Dazzle will make it suitable for the client’s customized needs. At Dazzle we manufacture highly efficient mobile workshop vehicles with complete facilities for repairing and equipment for different services. The best of mobile workshop vehicles for sale in UAE are manufactured by Dazzle.


While doing mobile vehicle conversions, they are created according to the needs of the clients. In short, they are actually a type of customized vehicles. At Dazzle we truly understand the needs of the customers and their expected work. We manufacture the mobile purpose vehicles by using high quality equipment. Our team of professionals and employees are using latest and advanced technologies in vehicle conversion.

Most commonly in mobile workshop units there will be things like work benches, internal PIR lights, amber beacons, hand wash units, tow bars and much more. Additional things like ply racking or metal racking and other areas for keeping tools will be provided. This will help you to ensure your employees have all the tools required for the work. Other things are provided by considering the nature of works they are expected to provide. These vehicles will be meant for doing different workshop services and services for different vehicles. All these excellent features in vehicle conversion are making Dazzle as the best vehicle conversion company in Ethiopia.

Mobile Workshop Units with High Quality

Since the mobile workshops are expected to have rough use, they must of high quality. All the equipment and machineries used must be of high quality and are highly durable. While conversion the vehicle capacity and transmission is also improved to withstand the increased weight after the addition of machineries. Moreover, this is essential for the working of mobile workshop without interruption. This will help the mobile workshop to work efficiently for long. All the mobile solution vehicles from Dazzle are above or equal to the European vehicle standards. These standards are maintained in all types of vehicle conversions by the Dazzle. This is the major reason behind the popularity as a vehicle manufacturer. Thus the Dazzle vehicle conversion company is the leading mobile workshop manufacturer in Dubai.