In around 166 countries across the world, Right Hand Drive vehicles (RHD vehicles) are used. About 35% of the world’s population drives left and remaining right. The reasons of the right and left hand drives are historical. Most of the ancient British colonies are having left hand drive vehicles. The Latin American countries, Middle East countries, United States of America and European countries have right hand drive vehicles. The most important rule of the road is concerned with the side to drive. The Dazzle is a leading vehicle manufacturer to develop both left hand drive and right hand drive vehicles in UAE.


The Dazzle is configuring the vehicles for making it suitable for right hand drive. Similarly, left hand drive configurations are also done. We even convert the LHD vehicles to RHD vehicles by changing the configurations. In case of LHD the traffic is kept left and the vehicles will usually have steering on the right. This will put the driver side close to the road. But in case of the RHD vehicles, the exact opposite happens. The traffic will be right and the driver sits in the left.

The roundabouts in the RHD countries will be in anti-clock wise direction. Similarly, in case of LHD countries it will be in clock wise direction. The steering of the vehicles will be kept accordingly to meet the purpose. The Dazzle vehicle manufacturing company is providing all kinds of vehicle conversion facilities in UAE. The conversion of LHD to RHD vehicles or vice versa can be done. Perfectly adding the configurations and changing as per needs had made the Dazzle as a popular vehicle conversion company in Middle East.

Features of Vehicles

We also add different kinds of features to many different types of vehicles. In short, all forms of customization of vehiclesare done by Dazzle. In mobile vehicle conversions, other than the RHD or LHD different other features might be changed. Changing or incorporation of certain things will be necessary to perform at its best. It may include the interior features, exterior features and also some specific features into it.

Our skilled and dedicated teams are offering better customization in all types of vehicles. The quality and standard of vehicle conversion is ensured before delivering to the clients. The Dazzle is the best vehicle manufacturer in Ethiopia and other African countries to give customized vehicles for different purposes.