Vehicle conversions

By ensuring that all the vehicle conversions require high safety standards, low impact on the environment and improved production quality. We take care of your safety very seriously and that is why we make sure that all our vehicle conversions meet the international standards and are safer to use.

The Dazzle, the leading auto trading company in UAE is well known for its best quality vehicle conversions. We offer a wide range services for designing of vehicles, modification and reconfiguration settings are given for vehicles with different categories. The vehicle conversion includes conversion of front line ambulances, armored vehicles and other special purpose vehicles. During the vehicle conversion process, the purpose of the customer with the vehicle is taken and the facilities demanded by the customer are also considered. Then the outcome of the vehicle conversion will be a safe and useful vehicle as per the customer’s needs.

The specialty of the Dazzle vehicle Conversion Company is that the vehicles which are converted by the Dazzle will look the same as the vehicle of its own kind. This is especially followed in case of armored vehicle conversion, where the customer’s doesn’t want others to know their vehicle is armored and the passengers inside it should be safe. We always concern safety as our primary concern.

We convert different chassis of vehicles like van, truck, cars or any others into different types of ambulances, armored vehicles or cash-in-transit vehicles or to any other purpose oriented vehicles and also sell brand new cars. Thus the Dazzle is perfect hub for any kinds of vehicle aspiring people as we can modify your vehicles as per your necessity. We also consider conversion of vehicles into unique ones or different ones which will do their purpose.

The brilliance in engineering and the verities of innovative ideas had made us to deliver the world’s standard vehicles. Our team of professionals adapts to the need of safety, quality and durability of the vehicles. Due to the dedication and client satisfaction, the Dazzle manufactured and converted vehicles are for sale in all parts of the world, especially in the Middle East, Europe and African countries. The increased demand of Dazzle’s vehicle conversion had made it more popular across the world.
All the converted vehicles undergo vigorous quality checking processes before leaving the conversion center of Dazzle. We always make sure the quality checking after the vehicle conversion and give assistance for the initial few years after vehicle conversion.