We achieved prominence as the leading manufacturer and supplier of ambulances in UAE as a result of our commitment to deliver at International standards. We offer and incorporate leading edge technology into all our conversions, in conjunction with our experienced and dedicated team, who have a unified understanding of health and safety requirements for Paramedics practitioners and Patients. The ambulance for sale from dazzle is the best in its quality.

We provide all emergency life support Vehicles for :

Basic life support

Basic life support Ambulance for sale are used for non-emergency patient transportation such as planned visits to a physician’s office for care, routine physical investigations, x-rays or laboratory tests, or is used for transporting patients from a hospital or nursing home to a hospital or nursing home or residence, or attending to any other non-emergency calls. These ambulances are not usually (although there are exceptions) equipped with life-support equipment. Their purpose is simply to transport patients to, from or between places of treatment. These can be vans, buses or other vehicles.

Advanced life support

Advanced Life Support care requires medical monitoring and care by highly trained Paramedics and may include monitoring vital signs, advanced drug therapy, cardiac monitoring, oxygen and IV therapy. We offer technically advanced life support equipment on our ambulance for sale as per your demand.

Standard life support

Standard Life Support is an intermediate level between basic and advanced life support. This level of medical care includes the primary measures that we take after an event of an emergency until the patient is safely carried to a hospital namely clearing of the airway and ensuring proper circulation of blood.

Types of Ambulances, we offer:

There are three general ambulance types with several sub-types.

One should know the general features of the ambulance, and to know what kind of ambulance you need.

Type I

A Type I is a Cab Chassis with modular body. The major feature of a Type I ambulance is that it is based on a truck style body with a separate driver compartment. Most heavy duty ambulances are of this type. There is a subclass to this ambulance type, a Type I AD (Additional Duty) with extra cargo capacity.

Type II

Type II ambulances are a long wheelbase van type with an Integral cab design. This ambulance is a unit of basic life support, designed to transport emergency patients and provide health care in home emergencies. Its base construction is vans, which facilitate the traffic movement in the city and access to hospitals.

Type III

The cab is an integral part of the ambulance. A Type III ambulance, much like a Type I ambulance, has a separate square patient compartment that is mounted onto an existing chassis. The difference lies in what types of chassis are used. Type III ambulances are based on van chassis rather than truck chassis.

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